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Romantic movies to watch with a partner

Romantic movies to watch with a partner

Watching romantic movies with your partner will make your mood even more flowery. During dating, of course, you want to invite your partner to go out, right? There are so many wishes that you want to give beautiful moments with your partner.

Inviting your partner to watch a romantic film will certainly make them happier and stick with you. There are so many types of romantic films that you can choose and watch with your partner. There are many types of films available from old films to new romantic films for you to choose from.

The following types of films are:

Paragraphs of love

A film that has won many awards for best film. A film that will make your partner sad and also make them curious. The atmosphere of the film makes your partner cry and is also fascinated by the complicated love story. viennaclarinetconnection

Habibie and Ainun

For those of you who want to be even more romantic, you can enjoy films from Habibie and Ainun. A true story that was turned into a film. In this story, Habibie wants to tell everyone that Ainun’s role is more important in his life. A film that can make many couples feel moved and cry.

Dylan 1990

Dilan '90
make your partner happy//Dilan ’90

Dilan 1990 is the most popular film among young people. The story of this film is based on the best novels. A romantic film that has won many audiences and has also become a popular film among gamers.


Very good film and also popular. There are so many young people and couples who really like watching heart movies. A romantic story that will make you all cry incessantly. In the story, Rachel gives her heart to Luna. A love story that starts from a love triangle story.