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Memberi semangat dan dukungan

Memberi semangat dan dukungan

Memberi semangat dan dukungan bisa menjadi hal utama membuat pasangan kalian mulai membuka dirinya untuk kalian. Hampir semua orang memiliki kisah masa lalu yang sedih dan kelam. Untuk bisa kembali seperti semula tentu saja memerlukan banyak waktu untuk bisa sembuh dan tertawa lagi. Pastinya kalian tidak ingin kalau di masa hidupnya selalu sedih bukan. Viennaclarinetconnection

Untuk bisa membuat mereka tertawa dan tersenyum lagi tentu saja bisa dengan memberikan beberapa obat yang mujarab. Sebuah obat yang tanpa kalian sadari bisa membuat mereka tersenyum dan berani menghadapi semua ketakutannya. Cara seperti itu bisa dengan memberikan ruang yang penuh dengan cinta.

Menerima semuanya

menanti dan percaya//bersama

Saat melihat pasangan kalian murung dan sedih tentu saja membuat kalian jadi khawatir. Hilangkan semua rasa khawatir dengan memberikan sebuah cinta tulus dari kalian. Buat sebuah ruang yang membuat mereka nyaman saat bersama kalian. Tentu saja ruang yang di butuhkan bukan sekedar kamar kosong atau ruangan kosong melainkan sebuah ruang yang memberi kehangatan untuk hatinya yang sedang terluka.

Tidak semua pasangan akan menceritakan masa lalunya. Sebuah kisah yang menurut mereka harus di lupakan agar tidak sakit hati. Saat kalian merasa ada yang tidak benar dengan pasangan kalian maka jangan meninggalkannya. Temui mereka dan tunjukkan kepada mereka kalau kalian siap meneriman semua hal yang ada di dirinya dan siap mendengarkan setiap perkataannya.

Selalu bersama

Hal tersebut membuat pasangan kalian jadi merasa kalau rasa cinta yang dirasakannya bukan karena rasa bersalah. Hal ini bisa membantu membangun sikap saling suka yang manis. Tidak semua pasangan mau menerima cerita masa lalu. Ada yang lebih baik pergi meninggalkan kisah tersebut dengan mengubur dan melupakannya. Tetapi ada pula yang terus berada di sampingnya memberi semangat dan dukungan untuk menghadapi semua masalahnya baik itu masa lalu atau yang sekarang.

Dengan dukungan tersebut maka rasa cinta yang tidak ada akan menjadi ada. Sebuah dukungan yang tidak menghukum dan memaksanya untuk lebih menyedihkan. Hal ini akan membuat rasa cinta yang mereka miliki semakin kuat dan tidak akan melepaskannya.

Cara Membangun hubungan romantis Uncategorized Want to have a romantic partner

Want to have a romantic partner

Want to have a romantic partner

Wanting to have a romantic partner is of course the dream of many women. Who would refuse to get a man who is so caring and romantic? A word that manages to make you tempted and fascinated. Not all men show a romantic attitude to their partners. There are those who act cold and look indifferent when doing activities together.

Surely this makes you speechless when facing your partner. If you feel your partner is not romantic enough, then you can take a few steps to make your partner look romantic, such as:


Viennaclarinetconnection – Meeting men who are not romantic makes you feel the world looks different. Definitely want to feel angry and just disappear from his presence. To make a romantic partner, you can say what you want. Mention what things you want when you are with your partner so they will become more aware and start trying to be sweet to you.

Sometimes appearance can also be the reason people are lazy to be romantic with you. try to look attractive then all eyes will only be on you. Do some maintenance and change the usual appearance to be beautiful to make your partner more interested and more romantic.

say all your wishes//together


In a relationship, you should not often show your anger. Often showing excessive emotional attitudes can make your best side disappear in your partner’s mind. Even though your partner isn’t romantic, that doesn’t mean you can scold him. This will take your relationship even further.

Not having a romantic side doesn’t necessarily make you happy. There are many people who say that the romantic side is sometimes just a cover for acquaintance. No wonder there are some women who always compare their partners with other men. If you want your relationship to be close and together forever then don’t ever compare it with other people. This will make a man easily angry and without you realizing it has hurt his feelings.

Even if you can’t be romantic and behave the way you want. They have tried to make you happy and proud of everything that is in you. Respecting their feelings and making them smile can be something they can’t forget.

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How to deal with a younger wife

How to deal with a younger wife

Lots of couples start their new lives with some interesting and unique stories. Of course, you have heard that marrying a younger woman will give you a lot of stimulation and little fights. In marriage, it is very different when you are dating. Of course, you have to have a way of dealing with younger wives so that your marriage will last until you become a grandparent. How to deal with a younger wife

If there are problems, they must be solved together, and cannot run away from these problems. Getting married indicates that you are mature and able to deal with any problems that exist. So that all problems can be faced of course not by being selfish. It takes an attitude that supports each other and understands all the wishes of your partner.

There is a surefire method that you can use, namely

Draw attention

Many always say that a beautiful woman always makes the atmosphere brighter. Especially if the wife is young. It will add enthusiasm and make many husbands feel at home and want to always be beside their wives. Having a younger wife actually has fertile times that are full of excitement. Even so, of course, you have to know that young wives sometimes have unstable emotions. Viennaclarinetconnection

Marrying a younger woman usually has a different response and way of thinking. It’s no wonder that you often don’t meet each other when you have discussions together. Every young woman or young wife often has thoughts of continuing her education or is more concerned with her career than family. So your husbands must be patient and try to talk slowly with your wives.

give freedom of choice//believe

Even though you are married, it does not mean that you as husbands have to block your wife’s goals. In order for your wife to love you even more, give her the freedom in choosing and having an opinion. Give freedom by emphasizing that you have to be responsible for every decision you make. Giving freedom does not mean that you women can immediately act as you, please. Don’t destroy your husband’s trust as long as he is given freedom.

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Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Marrying a police officer will make you feel different. Members of the police have a way of getting married that is different from people in general. Marrying a police officer will provide a different experience, of course, there are many things that must be prepared regarding the letters Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Letters N1, N2, N4

Each letter can be obtained at the local Kelurahan or RT. The letter is used to get to know the prospective in-laws, job names, parents’ residence, and others. Viennaclarinetconnection

  1. Letter of application for a marriage permit
    For those who are going to get married, a letter of application for marriage permission is required. If there is no preparation in this letter it will be difficult to get married.
  2. Parental Consent Letter
    If you still have parents, you need this requirement, but if you don’t have parents, you can use a guardian.
  3. Personnel officer certificate
    A letter containing the status of the employee whether he is still a girl, a virgin, a widower, or a widow. This will definitely be attached if your partner is a member of the police.

Status Letter

do a health check//together

If your spouse is a widow or widower, you will need a death certificate or divorce certificate.

  1. Letter From Doctor
    from this letter, it will be known whether the one who is going to marry is pregnant or not. Because later there will be a urine test first.
  2. Passport Photo
    Prepare a 4×5 size color photo according to the existing regulations. Photo backgrounds will differ depending on job status. Usually, when taking a photo, there will be a husband and wife, so when you are getting married, one of them will follow the background of the police status.
  3. SKCK
    A Police Record Certificate is not only for applying for a job but for one of the requirements for marriage with a police partner. So those of you who have criminality will be recorded online.
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Making Me Time With Your Partner

Making Me Time With Your Partner

Giving time together with yourpartner, of course, will never make you feel strange. Being together in doing whether it’s for work or doing exciting activities is so important in a relationship. Already have a partner, of course, there is something you have to think about. Love will blossom when there is intense interaction. The more you love your partner, the greater your hope will not hurt partner.

If you and your partner are both busy people, then you need to do me time. Quiet time in 1 day or a few days to release the feeling of nostalgia. Here’s how

Search Schedule

Viennaclarinetconnection – You can find the right schedule if you really want to spend time with your partner. Making money is important but no love is of course empty. Finding time to just go shopping or go somewhere you’ve never been together is also very important.

spending time pampering with a partner//together
  1. Homework
    Doing housework is not just a wife’s job. If you feel you don’t have time with your partner, you can do household chores together. Doing housework together will be more fun and of course, work will be easier.
  2. Limit each activity
    when you are at home, limit your activities and your partner’s. You can limit activities at night or at any time that has been agreed upon. Limiting activities does not mean total and authoritarian, but you can do it anytime and at the right time. When limiting your activities, you can spend time together according to existing plans.
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Tips for those of you who are getting married

Tips for those of you who are getting married

At first glance, marriage is very easy to do, but when you have done it the intention will be different. People sometimes get married at random because they are pressed for time. People who are going to get married are not necessarily mentally prepared and everything. For this reason, when you are mentally prepared, you can invite your partner to marry without any doubts. Tips for those of you who are getting married


Viennaclarinetconnection – What is meant by frequency is people who have the same goals and perspectives. If you are a person who likes to joke then you better find a partner who likes to joke. If you are a hard worker then you can find people who like to work. The purpose of looking for a frequency is so that you are not surprised by your partner’s habits and vice versa.

Make sure that before marriage you have prepared money, even though in fact it is the man who has to support his wife. But a wife who has her own income will not become a parasite for her. People who have their own money can of course also be free to buy whatever items are needed.

mutually open and honest//together
  1. Mental
    Being a wife or husband must have a strong mentality. The reason is that after becoming a legal partner, it is no longer personal to think about, but there are other things. What triggers people to separate when married is not ready mentally. People who are mentally ready are people who can put themselves anywhere and can follow the flow of the game.
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Menuju hubungan yang lebih serius

Menuju hubungan yang lebih serius

Menuju hubungan yang lebih serius menjadi hal yang sering di ucapkan kepada banyak pasangan yang sudah menjalin kasih cukup lama. Tidak mungkin selama sisa hidup kalian hanya berpacaran saja dan tidak ingin memiliki moment bersama yang lebih intim lagi. Hampir banyak pasangan yang menjalin kasih lama mulai memikirkan masa depannya.

Untuk kalian yang sudah berpacaran lama tentunya berharap bisa menjalin hubungan yang lebih serius lagi bukan dengan orang yang kalian cintai. Sebuah hubungan yang bisa mengikat kalian sampai maut memisahkan hubungan kalian. Untuk mengetahui hal tersebut biasanya sudah ada beberapa pasangan yang memiliki ciri yang siap untuk lebih serius lagi.

Sifat serious

Pastinya kalian ingin tahu bukan pasangan seperti apa yang benar – benar serius dan mau bersama kalian. Berikut beberapa sikap yang serius yaitu: Viennaclarinetconnection

  • Janji

Bila masih berpacaran biasanya banyak para pasangan yang memberi kata – kata manis membuat kalian luluh. Hal tersebut membuat kalian lupa dengan tujuan kalian berpacaran. Untuk yang lebih serius biasanya akan selalu menempati janji yang sudah mereka ucapkan. Walaupun terkadang janji tersebut harus di batalkan karena sebuah alasan. Meski demikian mereka akan tetap menempati dan memenuhi semua janji yang sudah diucapkan.

kejuatan indah
mencari pasangan untuk masa tua//kejuatan indah
  • Menghargai

Banyak dari para pasangan yang menjalin hubungan hanya bersikap manis dan menurut. Berbeda dengan orang yang serius menjalin hubungan akan menghargai semua hal yang kalian lakukan. bertingkah laku sopan dan tidak mengejek pasangannya.

Pendengar baik

Untuk kalian yang selalu punya masalah pasti akan lebih memilih memendamnya dari pada bercerita dengan pasangan. Hal ini sering terjadi karena pasang kalian lebih sering menjawab semua perkataan kalian. tentu saja moment tersebut jadi tidak enak dan membuat pasangan kalian jadi risih. Untuk kalian yang mau serius cobalah untuk mendengarkan semua keluhan dengan baik. Jadilah pendengar yang baik dan bila mereka membutuhkan jawaban kalian mereka akan bertanya kepada kalian.

  • Perhatian

Dalam menjalin hubungan bukan hanya satu orang saja yang menjalinnya. Di butuhkan dua orang yang bisa membuat kalian berdiri dan kuat menghadapi masalah. Jangan memperhatikan diri sendiri saja. tetapi cobalah untuk mengamati dan memperhatikan pasangan kalian. memberi perhatian kepada pasangan bisa membuat mereka senang dan mau serius dengan kalian.