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Men are considered more romantic

Men are considered more romantic

Men are considered more romantic than women. This is what always makes a lot of questions that always arise in the minds of many people. Having a beautiful relationship with your partner will certainly be an unforgettable thing. There are many stories that say that men are more romantic than women.

When talking about men, of course, there will be no end to discuss. The results of several studies say that men will do anything to be able to make their partners happy. This is evident from the fact that some men prefer to give lots of beautiful and beautiful gifts to their partners.

Gives a sense of comfort

Viennaclarinetconnection – Indeed, not all men can be the same for you. There are many people who have a romantic taste that is sweet and romantic for a moment. But still, when it comes to romantic words, they are good at it. Surely you have never met some male friends who always mention their life partner with romantic words.

You know that men who fall in love for the first time will always give time and keep the women they love comfortable. Always use the right tricks that can make women like him even more. Living together until old age is also one of the romantic things.

romantic attitude

Loyalty to a partner is the thing that most people envy. It’s just that romantic men can sometimes be men who easily get a lot of love. Of course, you are not curious about the romantic attitude possessed by men:

First love
Falling in love for the first time will make you men act erratically. Getting first love will certainly make the way of thinking change. At one glance, men can easily fall in love.

Simple and sufficient thoughts can make your partner happier and happier. This is what makes many women unable to refuse romantic men.

give the best gifts//surprise

Long quarrels will sometimes make many couples tired and want to just stop. Breaking up is a word that is rarely spoken by men. Even if there is, maybe it can be counted on the fingers.

When they fall in love they will never let go of their partner. The love shown by the man is enormous. They will do anything to make their partner happy.

Uncategorized Yang membuat pasangan terus romantis

Yang membuat pasangan terus romantis

Yang membuat pasangan terus romantis

Memiliki hubungan romantis tentu saja harus terus di lakukan. Karena memiliki hubungan romantis akan membuat hubungan menjadi lebih awet dari pada biasanya. Hal romantis tentu saja bukan hanya sekedar sentuhan saja tetapi hal – hal kecil yang membuat anda lebih peka akan keadaan. Menjadi orang romantis tidak harus dengan kata – kata sebab orang yang romantis bisa datang dari sikap. Semakin anda memiliki sikap yang peka akan situasi maka akan membuat anda lebih romantis sekedar dari kata – kata. hal yang membuat pasangan terus romantis bisa membuat hubungan semakin erat

Beberapa hal bisa membuat hubungan anda lebih romantis 

  1. Peka

Yang di maksud peka ialah anda sebagai pasangan harus mengerti dan tempatkan posisi anda sebagai pasangan anda. Jika pasangan anda sudah melakukan banyak hal seharian anda setidaknya merayunya atau ajak dia berbicara agar hubungan anda tidak renggang. Contoh lainnya anda bisa membuat situasi yang baik akan hal yang menurut anda perlu anda lakukan. Semakin anda peka akan situasi maka akan membuat hubungan anda lebih awet dari biasanya. Viennaclarinetconnection

  1. Kejutan

Berikan kejutan kepada pasangan anda agar anda lebih mesra. Kejutan tentu bukan dari sekedar barang mewah, karena ada banyak kejutan yang bisa anda lakukan. Kejutan yang anda berikan tentu harus di lakukan dari hati. Pasalnya jika dari hati pasangan anda pun bisa melihat jika anda benar – benar tulus akan kejutan yang anda miliki.

selalu ada waktu dengan pasangan//setia


Berikan waktu anda kepada pasangan anda. Memberikan waktu meski hanya 1 jam tetap saja akan membuat anda merasa di hargai. Jika anda memiliki waktu luang hanya sebentar saja anda harus gunakan sebaik – baiknya agar membuat anda menjadi romantis. Lakukan hal yang seru bersamaan agar anda bisa menjadi pasangan yang romantis.

  • 3. Positive Thinking

Jika sudah memiliki pasangan anda harus memiliki pikiran positif. Dengan anda yang memiliki pikiran positif tentu akan membuat anda menjadi lebih mudah melewati hari hari. Berikan kepercayaan kepada pasangan anda sehingga anda tidak perlu merasa khawatir terus – terusan setiap hari bahkan setiap detiknya.

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Aromantic but not romantic

Aromantic but not romantic

Aromantic but not romantic makes the heart confused. Almost everyone will be romantic when they meet the partner they love. Every behavior and deed will make you confused and always remember. But what about your partner who is never romantic?

Not romantic does not mean not in love. This of course will make you confused, isn’t it? There are some people who can love to death but can’t be romantic. If you get a partner like this you don’t need to worry anymore. because the aromantic person is the type of person who is very loyal.

compassionate nature

Viennaclarinetconnection – People who have an aromatic attitude always think logically and always look normal. Always think in every action and never think to be ridiculous. This is what sometimes makes couples often misunderstand. Did you know that people who have this aromatic nature have a more affectionate and loving soul?

Many say that aromantics are not interested in the opposite sex. This is actually wrong. Being Indifferent and cold doesn’t mean you don’t have the desire to be in a relationship with the partner you love. A caring and protective attitude are also owned by every couple. Even though they are not romantic, they will still prioritize the people they love.


loyal and responsible//cold

Most couples always show intimate relationships. Starting from hugging, holding hands, or something else. But it’s different from aromantic which is never touched or touched. Getting a lover with such a cold and indifferent nature will certainly make you not want to be together.

But if you know the nature of an aromatic person, of course, you will defend it. It’s not romantic, it’s okay – what’s important is loyal, responsible, and love for a long time. This is sure to make you can not stand to be able to have it. Not only men who are aromatic. There are also women who have aromantic properties, always ignorant and never mind. They will prefer to be loyal to the partner they have chosen.

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Romantic City

Romantic City

A romantic city is a place that couples often visit. Of course, couples who are celebrating their anniversary will definitely choose some romantic and beautiful places. It’s no wonder that many couples return to vacation in the cities they visit. A city that has many beautiful memories with your partner and is a place to remember all the beauty.

For those of you who want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere and have beautiful memories, you can choose several cities such as:


Viennaclarinetconnection – Becoming one of the places frequented by tourists and vacationers. There are also several couples who hold their honeymoon in Yogyakarta. There are many types of tourist attractions that you can visit with your partner. Travel while enjoying good times with your partner in the city of Yogyakarta.


The city is most often used as a recommendation for married couples who have just finished their honeymoon. Bali has beautiful scenery and also the available tourist attractions are very diverse. You can enjoy a beautiful vacation time with your partner in the city of Bali.


The weather that sometimes gives a feeling of cold makes many couples spend more time in the room. There are lots of romantic places that you can find in Bandung. Apart from the cold air that you feel, it turns out that in Bandung there are also several places that present very beautiful natural beauty.


Apart from the beautiful Bali, it turns out that the stone also gives extraordinary beauty. The cold air on the rock makes many visitors have to prepare thick clothes. On the rock, you can also enjoy beautiful and beautiful waterfalls.

enjoy a vacation with your partner//waterfall

Tomohon is one of the cities known as the city of flowers. A romantic city that you can enjoy with your partner. Of course, many people are curious, why is it called the city of flowers? The city that was all around was filled with flowers on every corner.

Uncategorized Watch romantic movies with your partner

Watch romantic movies with your partner

Watch romantic movies with your partner

Watching romantic movies with your partner will make the atmosphere look alive. A romantic story that can make your partners more intimate with you. there are lots of types of movies that you can watch together with your partner. Romantic films that are both Indonesian and foreign, can make couples feel endlessly agitated.

Many say that romantic films are more liked by women. But did you know that romantic movies are also enjoyed by men? There are various types of romantic films that you can watch. From films that tell sad endings to stories of happily ever after with their partners.

Movie list

Viennaclarinetconnection – Of course, you really want to watch movies that can make your relationship and your partner romantic, right? It doesn’t matter what year the film was presented. As long as it has a touching story with a romantic story, it can make the audience’s hearts ache. So, here is a list of romantic movies that you can watch:

Malcolm and Marie
The Dig
The Right One
Always and Forever
The Map of Tinyperfect things
before trilogy
Notting hill
The notebook and many others.

You can choose the genre of film you want to watch. Enjoying a romantic film will also be even more connected by changing the atmosphere where you watch it. You can invite your partner to watch movies at the cinema or you can also invite your partner to watch movies at your home.

getting stickier//romantic


Setting up a romantic place with your partner will make the viewing atmosphere romantic. It feels like you are in a movie with your partner. Forming a memory that might make you remember and be able to tell your children and grandchildren later.

A moment that makes you become a couple that can never be separated from each other. Of course, you also don’t want to have a romantic story with your partner while watching a movie together.

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Honeymoon at home

Honeymoon at home

Honeymoon at home, of course, will make some of your partners disappointed. When a pandemic occurs, of course, the opportunity for a honeymoon in the place you specify is canceled. You can’t make a festive party and only be watched by a few people on a happy day. Of course, you don’t want the wedding story to be a disappointing day.

Even though you can’t hold a luxurious wedding, at least you can make your wedding atmosphere full of beautiful and blooming flowers. Can’t go on vacation to enjoy the honeymoon. Then you yourself have to make your Happy moments beautiful. Honeymoon at home alone can make the atmosphere so different.

So that your partner is not disappointed, you can create a romantic atmosphere with your partner, such as:


Not being able to go on a honeymoon doesn’t mean it’s a failure. You can decorate the room that you will use with your partner. decorate the room to be a beautiful bridal room. Or change a number of rooms full of sweet decorations such as pairing photo moments together or having a romantic meal with your partner. Viennaclarinetconnection


Enjoying time with my husband is certainly very pleasant. Especially if you accompany it every day, you don’t want to let go and stick to it. So that the honeymoon atmosphere is not bland, you can use the opportunity to change your nightgowns with more beautiful ones. No need to feel embarrassed when using a sexy nightgown. Sexy nightgowns can make your honeymoon atmosphere even hotter and more romantic.

decorate the room//together

Taking a bath together

For those of you who are just becoming a couple, of course, you will feel very embarrassed when you are invited to take a bath together. Precisely the thing that makes you more romantic is when you can take a bath together. Making the atmosphere hotter and more comfortable beside you.


Make the atmosphere even hotter by giving some small touches to your partner. a smooth and gentle touch to be the beginning of the introduction and warm-up in starting a core relationship.

To toilet

For those of you who are already in touch, don’t forget to go to the toilet to make water. There are some experts who say that after intercourse, immediately go to the bathroom so that you can maintain the health of your reproductive organs.

Stay romantic until old Uncategorized

Stay romantic until old

Stay romantic until old

Staying romantic until old is something that makes many people jealous. Of course, there are lots of couples who want to live romantically until old age. They can go through various kinds of challenges and obstacles until they grow old together. How good it would be if those of us who have a partner really want to be faithful until death picks up.

Of course, to maintain all this romance, you have to pay by giving your partner happiness, togetherness, love, and loyalty. Romantic at an age that can be considered old also provides a lot of inspiration for young children. Lots of couples form jealous bonds with older couples.

Make people jealous

They can still maintain a romance that is probably very rare. Older people who are no longer young are starting to make many young people jealous. Every romantic side they show is very sweet. Looks like a young boy back and has a passion for making love. Viennaclarinetconnection

Of course, living romantically until this old age is impossible. But if you want to start trying to understand each other. Start discussing all problems with your partner and if there are differences of opinion, you can start discussing them with a cool head and find a middle solution. In every household, of course, you will get some small disputes.

Began to understand

together forever
like a young child again//together forever

Sometimes these small disputes can make many couples start to get impatient so they often mention separate words. Parting words that might make you regret and can’t be together again. Did you know that if you want to maintain romance between partners, you have to start understanding and knowing each other’s characteristics?

Mutual trust and openness are also keys to maintaining romance until old age. Not all romantic things are always smooth – just smooth. Of course, there will be some problems. It is in this problem that many couples start learning and can find solutions. The feeling of love begins to grow and continues to make them not want to be separated from their partner.