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Honeymoon at home

Honeymoon at home

Honeymoon at home, of course, will make some of your partners disappointed. When a pandemic occurs, of course, the opportunity for a honeymoon in the place you specify is canceled. You can’t make a festive party and only be watched by a few people on a happy day. Of course, you don’t want the wedding story to be a disappointing day.

Even though you can’t hold a luxurious wedding, at least you can make your wedding atmosphere full of beautiful and blooming flowers. Can’t go on vacation to enjoy the honeymoon. Then you yourself have to make your Happy moments beautiful. Honeymoon at home alone can make the atmosphere so different.

So that your partner is not disappointed, you can create a romantic atmosphere with your partner, such as:


Not being able to go on a honeymoon doesn’t mean it’s a failure. You can decorate the room that you will use with your partner. decorate the room to be a beautiful bridal room. Or change a number of rooms full of sweet decorations such as pairing photo moments together or having a romantic meal with your partner. Viennaclarinetconnection


Enjoying time with my husband is certainly very pleasant. Especially if you accompany it every day, you don’t want to let go and stick to it. So that the honeymoon atmosphere is not bland, you can use the opportunity to change your nightgowns with more beautiful ones. No need to feel embarrassed when using a sexy nightgown. Sexy nightgowns can make your honeymoon atmosphere even hotter and more romantic.

decorate the room//together

Taking a bath together

For those of you who are just becoming a couple, of course, you will feel very embarrassed when you are invited to take a bath together. Precisely the thing that makes you more romantic is when you can take a bath together. Making the atmosphere hotter and more comfortable beside you.


Make the atmosphere even hotter by giving some small touches to your partner. a smooth and gentle touch to be the beginning of the introduction and warm-up in starting a core relationship.

To toilet

For those of you who are already in touch, don’t forget to go to the toilet to make water. There are some experts who say that after intercourse, immediately go to the bathroom so that you can maintain the health of your reproductive organs.