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Romantic Place in Yogyakarta

Romantic Place in Yogyakarta

No need to go far to be able to vacation in a romantic place. In the world, there are indeed many romantic places that make couples happy and happy. But not everyone can enjoy a distant vacation spot. No need to be confused if you want a romantic place, you can go to a romantic place in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is best known for its culture and arts. Yogyakarta also still has a royal palace system. The most crowded tourist spot and is often visited by many tourists both from outside the city and the country. Many people know that Yogyakarta is a tourist place that shows culture and art.

Romantic place

Viennaclarinetconnection – Did not think that Yogyakarta also has a romantic place that can be made into happy moments and memories. There are so many beautiful places that can be enjoyed in Yogyakarta. Of course, many are curious about the romantic places in Yogyakarta. Want to know what places can be visited and romantic in Yogyakarta with the name of the place:

Sriten brick dam

Yogyakarta tourist attractions show beautiful places and there are beautiful lakes in the highlands. To go to the Batara Sriten reservoir, you have to go to North Baturagung Hill in Gunung Kidul. In the late afternoon or early morning, you can see the beauty of the water that reflects the light.

Songgo sky sukorame rice field

Pine trees
many romantic places//Pine trees

A cool place and also has an all-green color. Walking in the middle of the rice fields by climbing a bamboo bridge looks very romantic. Beautiful tourist attractions can also be photo spots for visitors. It can also be a place for pre-wedding photos.

fir cave beach

Those who like the beach and looking for beautiful scenery can go to the fir cave beach in Bantul. It can be called the fir cave beach because there are so many cypress trees. The shape of a tree that grows close together can look like a cave.

Bhumi Merapi

One of the tourist attractions that can be a romantic place for couples. On vacation and while looking at the scenery in Bhumi Merapi. You can all see the cute houses in Bhumi Merapi. Vacationing at Bhumi Merapi is not only for couples but can also invite children and families. Can introduce animals and also some types of plants available at tourist attractions.


Kulon Progo also has beautiful and beautiful tourist attractions. When you go with your partner, don’t forget to invite them to Kalibiru. Above Kalibiru, you can see many beautiful sunset views and including seeing the Sermo Reservoir above Kalibiru.


Beautiful tourist spot and also beautiful. Enjoy the various types of shapes available at Dahromo. Climb to the top and select the type you want to climb. As if – will rise to the sky to a high layer. Can see the sunset and can also be a photo spot.

Palace sari garden

Become a photo spot that is often visited by many couples. It can be used for pre-wedding and also for regular photos with a partner. The shape of the building that looks classic can attract the attention of visitors. Beautiful and beautiful carving.

Sewu hill

Like the view and want to capture the moment with your partner, you can go to Bukit Lintang Sewu in Yogyakarta. Walking above the peak, several forms of candy can be used as photo material with your partner.