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A romantic kiss makes healthy

A romantic kiss makes healthy

A romantic kiss makes each partner healthy. Many say a kiss will be a sign that will never let go. Many people think that kissing can make someone person and more towards intimate things. However, kisses can be divided into many things, such as giving a kiss to your partner as a sign of love or gratitude.

Kissing or kissing has different meanings. Kissing is something that is often done with the partners you love and kissing is just a sign of the affection they pour out. Like a mother giving a kiss to her child. Kissing is not just giving pent-up desire.


Viennaclarinetconnection – Kisses can also provide health benefits. Maybe many are curious when they know that kissing can provide good benefits for the body. Doing kisses regularly can help a person be healthy such as:

Reduce allergy symptoms

give a sign of affection//intimate

Did you know that the allergies you suffer from can be relieved just by kissing? For those of you who have allergy symptoms, you don’t need to worry anymore. A method that can make a kiss into medicine. Only kissing for half an hour is enough to keep allergies from recurring.

Reduce pain

Every couple who is sad or injured certainly needs attention from their partner. The attention can make the pain they experience disappear and decrease. Giving kisses to partners who are sick can also help relieve pain. Like a warm embrace that is always there. This can help release fatigue and fear when the pain comes back.

Blood pressure

When next to your partner, of course, you will feel a thrill that doesn’t want to stop. This makes the heart continue to work and pump blood vessels to become large. A desire that can make the body temperature so hot uncontrollably.

For those of you who want to make your partner romantic, you can give some kissing movements that are different from before. Giving a small stimulus from a small kiss until it becomes an uncontrollable kiss.

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Romantic kiss

Romantic kiss

You can do a romantic kiss with the person you love. Kissing is the first step to showing mutual liking. Sometimes every pair that gives a kiss shows affection for their partner. Maybe many people think that kissing can cause a desire to make love.

It turns out that besides being able to cause a feeling of love, kissing can also help maintain a healthy body. Many couples start their relationship by giving each other a kiss. Kissing your partner is very different from kissing your mom or dad. Of course, for outsiders, it is very impolite.

Give gifts

Viennaclarinetconnection – Showing affection doesn’t have to be a kiss. You can give a cute little gift to make couples happy and happy. However, this is still lacking. So giving a kiss is the right sign to express a feeling.

Of course, everyone wants to give a romantic atmosphere to their partner. They make every effort to make their partner happy. So, to make the atmosphere more romantic, you can follow a few steps for a healthy intimate kiss, such as:

give a variety of kisses//intimate


When you want to kiss your partner, try to keep your mouth clean. So that every time you kiss you don’t feel the smell of breath. Fresh breath and clean teeth will make your kiss more romantic

Be patient

While kissing you have to be patient and follow the rhythm. Don’t be in a hurry when kissing. Because if you are impatient, you might hurt your lips and bleed.

Don’t kiss when it hurts

If your partner is sick then you try not to kiss him. When your body is not fit and you have a fever, you can get infected.

Different styles

Each partner will give a different sensation when kissing their partner. To make it more romantic, you can change your kissing style with a different style. You can start kissing your partner from the area of ​​the face, neck, lips, and so on.

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Characteristics of a Romantic Relationship

Characteristics of a Romantic Relationship

Romantic relationships are always associated with people who are always able to give flowers. But the word romantic actually exists in an attitude that understands and wants to understand each other. When two people often have a serious and romantic relationship, of course, there are stages that they really want to continue. But the methods that are owned are different so not everyone will go smoothly and not everyone will find the best partner for him.

Characteristics of a romantic relationship

Believe each other – Viennaclarinetconnection

People who put their trust in their partners certainly don’t need to be in doubt. The level of trust is very difficult to grow in each person let alone in other people. Because you can’t be trusted yourself. If you want your partner to trust you, you have to be open to each other.

People who can be responsible for himself then he will definitely be responsible for their partners. For that why people who have committed must be able to take responsibility. The problem of responsibility is not only a matter of making money but having the courage to admit when one is wrong and having the courage not to repeat it.

trust each other with your partner//communication

Release the best version
In a relationship, it will be better if you will go through a relationship with the best version. The right partner can definitely bring out the best version and will change you for the better. Of course, you need someone who can accept any version of yourself so you don’t have to doubt their reaction.

If you are a person who likes to choose romantic things, then you can give romantic words or soothing words to yourself and others. It’s best to plan pleasant surprises for other people.

Doing something romantic for your partner actually teaches you to be a good person. Because learning little by little to be a romantic person will lead you to good changes too. You want to be a romantic person, are you going to do the characteristics above or do you have another version?

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Some Romantic Words

Some Romantic Words

There are some tips that you should do to make this love story stronger and of course, based on sincerity. People who are successful in love will always be blessed and every time there are obstacles or obstacles you will not be easily shaken. You who have said this of course are the one who needs it.

The following are romantic words that you can follow

  • Love never brings badness, because love actually brings comfort. Viennaclarinetconnection
  • Love will not make their partner disappointed but love will strengthen each other.
  • Love does not always come at the right time but love always comes to the right person.
  • Love does make people blind, but the sincerity of love will turn it into a rainbow.
  • love never looks at age and status because love looks at sincerity.
  • How can I be so lucky to have someone like you?
  • Love and Honesty are the keys to success in a relationship.
  • Never be sad because your sadness can make me hurt.
  • nothing will ever separate us because the love we have is bigger than this world.
  • Loving you before is loving you then, now, and forever.
  • You are the best love and happiness for me.
  • You are the source of my passion and my world.
  • I choose you not only because you are good but because you are someone who can love me and I can love you my way.
  • There is nothing wrong with love depending on each other because interdependence is passion and a mutual feeling of not wanting to lose.
  • Thank you for being present in my life to give the color of the love you have.
many words of love//sweet

Romantic words, of course, will look sincere if you do them with pleasure and from the heart. Sincere words will be seen from an action. So a good person is not from words but from attitude.

Never being loved doesn’t mean you can’t be sweet and romantic. And people who have a hard heart will not melt with just a word but many words. Everyone’s heart can change when he is close to other people and certainly gives each other reciprocity.

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Romantic movies to watch with a partner

Romantic movies to watch with a partner

Watching romantic movies with your partner will make your mood even more flowery. During dating, of course, you want to invite your partner to go out, right? There are so many wishes that you want to give beautiful moments with your partner.

Inviting your partner to watch a romantic film will certainly make them happier and stick with you. There are so many types of romantic films that you can choose and watch with your partner. There are many types of films available from old films to new romantic films for you to choose from.

The following types of films are:

Paragraphs of love

A film that has won many awards for best film. A film that will make your partner sad and also make them curious. The atmosphere of the film makes your partner cry and is also fascinated by the complicated love story. viennaclarinetconnection

Habibie and Ainun

For those of you who want to be even more romantic, you can enjoy films from Habibie and Ainun. A true story that was turned into a film. In this story, Habibie wants to tell everyone that Ainun’s role is more important in his life. A film that can make many couples feel moved and cry.

Dylan 1990

Dilan '90
make your partner happy//Dilan ’90

Dilan 1990 is the most popular film among young people. The story of this film is based on the best novels. A romantic film that has won many audiences and has also become a popular film among gamers.


Very good film and also popular. There are so many young people and couples who really like watching heart movies. A romantic story that will make you all cry incessantly. In the story, Rachel gives her heart to Luna. A love story that starts from a love triangle story.

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How to express romantic feelings for LDR couples

How to express romantic feelings for LDR couples

How to express romantic feelings for LDR couples can be done with beautiful things. Many couples have long-distance relationships. Many argue that long-distance relationships are very difficult to form. Because they never met and only asked how they were when there was time.

Even when you’re in LDR, most couples find it easy to get a new boyfriend at your partner’s place of residence. It really hurts not when we are in love and unfortunately they even betray us. Long-distance love can make someone’s feelings change quickly. It’s no wonder that many say that LDR dating doesn’t last.

Keep the relationship

Viennaclarinetconnection – However, there are several couples who have also managed to build an LDR relationship to a promising status, namely marrying the partner they love. Of course, seeing this makes us very jealous, doesn’t it? To be able to maintain a distance relationship is not easy. We must know the exact steps in dealing with it.

When you meet a partner who has not seen each other for a long time, it certainly makes you happy and wants to express your love for your partner. Excessive love can also make your partner a little risky. To prevent this LDR relationship from surviving you can use several steps such as:

Welcoming arrival with a warm smile

Meeting a lover who has been separated for a long time will certainly make you happy and happy. So that the feeling of longing overflows, you can welcome the arrival of your partner with a sweet and warm smile. A smile that can make him comfortable and feel very longing.

Looking for a comfortable atmosphere to meet

There is no need to go to an expensive or luxurious place when you meet your partner. Enough with a comfortable place to meet. An atmosphere that makes your partner will tell the situation while talking to you.

Go to your favorite place to eat

Come on, invite your partner to eat together. No need to go to expensive places with fancy food. Take your favorite place to eat that holds a lot of your memories. Going to a place full of your togetherness will make your partner remember your sweet relationship.

Special look

When meeting while chatting, of course, it just gives the impression of being ordinary. For an atmosphere that misses you more, you can give your best appearance. Having a special appearance with the style of clothing that your partner likes will certainly make you feel homesick.

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Romantic hotel in Bali

Romantic hotel in Bali

You can use romantic hotels in Bali with your beloved partner. In this cool and beautiful season, it’s good to plan the month with your partner. Many husbands and wives spend more time in romantic places. See beautiful places and capture the moment.

It’s very sweet and romantic too. But what if you spend time alone with your partner in a hotel? No need to worry even if your honeymoon is only in the room. In Bali, there are many beautiful and exotic places. A beautiful place that can make couples always come back to enjoy time together in Bali.

Several Bali hotels can be beautiful places for couples, especially if the couple is still newlyweds. It will be more romantic with your partner. Curious about the place, let’s have a look at the types of hotels, namely: Viennaclarinetconnection

The Apurva Kempinski bali

If you want to find a hotel with a luxurious and unique shape, you can stop by The Apurva Kempinski Bali hotel. A hotel that provides comfortable facilities and also you can choose the room that you will share with your partner.

the best facilities//Hotel

Bubble Hotel

Hearing his name alone already looks unique. Hotels that provide different types of lodging with others. This bubble-themed inn is a room that is lined transparently like a clear balloon. With an open room, you can enjoy your beautiful night at the bubble hotel.

Maybe other couples feel uncomfortable when using this bubble room. Can be seen clearly and make your partner embarrassed. However, you don’t need to worry because at this bubble hotel a cover is also provided so you are safe to do anything to your partner.

Beach glamping
One of the lodging places that are different from other inns. Like the style of the mountains and hills, you can certainly enjoy it here. Some of the facilities are so complete that you don’t want to move and leave. Several services can lift body aches, namely, you can get a spa, breakfast, and much more.