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Tips for being a romantic partner

Tips for being a romantic partner

Tips for being a romantic partner can be done in sweet and unique ways. Every couple wants to show a romantic attitude to their partner. To look romantic sometimes they will give an unexpected surprise to their partner. During the establishment of love, the romantic sense will also be lost and tasteless.

To prevent this, of course, you have to try so that the relationship you have established does not stop where the road is. Couples who are new to love, of course, will not experience ups and downs like other couples. To be able to avoid feeling bored and bland, let’s use some tips that can make you look romantic again with your partner, such as:

Tips to be romantic

Viennaclarinetconnection – Use steps that are beautiful and also romantic to be able to attract your partner.

Asking news

Take the time to ask your partner how they are. No matter how busy you are at work, of course, don’t forget to ask how your partner is doing because this could make your partner feel cared for. While asking how are you, don’t be too possessive because your partner might feel pressured. Say romantic words that make them unable to forget like saying if you don’t see them it makes the heart feel lonely and there are many other romantic words.

be romantic//together


Surprising your partner is a very romantic thing. Who is not happy when they get a romantic surprise from their partner? You don’t need a big surprise to please your partner. Just giving a few small and sweet surprises can make your partner touched and want to cry.

Time together

When you’re busy at work, your time to meet with your partner is reduced. It makes time with you so non-existent. To be together and keep good memories. So take the time to be with your partner. Like inviting dinner, or you can also plan a vacation with your partner. Taking your busy time to meet your partner will make them think that he is more important than others.


Every time with your partner uses some positive thoughts. Positive thoughts can help the atmosphere of togetherness become more comfortable and romantic.

Memories together

When you are not together with your partner, it does not mean you are bored. To eliminate the feeling of loneliness you can recall the memories with you. Memories that make you fall in love and become a couple. You can also use these memorable moments by celebrating and capturing each one together. In a couple sometimes there is a sense of disappointment and anger. For that inflamed feeling, you can play back old memories with your partner. With these memories, those of you who are fighting will certainly begin to realize that your love does not love for a while.

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Romantic Island in Bali

Romantic Island in Bali

Romantic islands in Bali are not few. There are so many couples who are looking for a beautiful place with unforgettable moments. An island for all couples to Unite and love each other. The beautiful scenery coupled with the roar of the waves makes the atmosphere look romantic.

How not to be fascinated by the couple? Bali has always been a vacation spot that provides an unforgettable atmosphere of happiness. Almost all of the young couples spend the rest of the holiday with their lover on the island of the gods. You can choose not only one place on a vacation in Bali.

There are many places available for couples. The places are:

  • Temukus Village – Viennaclarinetconnection
    If you want to give a beautiful surprise with thousands of flowers, you can stop by Temukus Village. Lots of flowers blooming with beautiful colors. The bright yellow color is like the sun shining on the earth. There are also other beautiful types of flowers that you can find.
  • mixed villa
    Going on vacation and staying at a Bali hotel will certainly get many beautiful and complete facilities. But if you vacation in a Bali villa? Many visitors do not know that in Bali there is also a beautiful villa. There is a view of the beach and also beautiful beautiful sand.
  • Melasti Beach
    Beaches provide a lot of unforgettable natural beauty. Lots of brides and grooms come to this Melasti beach to do pre-wedding photos. To enjoy this beautiful beach, you can come when the sky starts in the afternoon with warm air.
beautiful scenery
go to flower field//beautiful scenery
  • Mende hill
    Go up a little more and prepare a romantic pose with your partner. Mende hill has a beautiful view with the color of the grass so green. Also prepare a camera to capture the beautiful moment on Mende hill. But remember that Mende Hill does not have a straight road like asphalt. Couples have to be careful to get up the hill. And prepare some equipment if you want to do a romantic vacation in Mende Hill.
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Romantic Place in Yogyakarta

Romantic Place in Yogyakarta

No need to go far to be able to vacation in a romantic place. In the world, there are indeed many romantic places that make couples happy and happy. But not everyone can enjoy a distant vacation spot. No need to be confused if you want a romantic place, you can go to a romantic place in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is best known for its culture and arts. Yogyakarta also still has a royal palace system. The most crowded tourist spot and is often visited by many tourists both from outside the city and the country. Many people know that Yogyakarta is a tourist place that shows culture and art.

Romantic place

Viennaclarinetconnection – Did not think that Yogyakarta also has a romantic place that can be made into happy moments and memories. There are so many beautiful places that can be enjoyed in Yogyakarta. Of course, many are curious about the romantic places in Yogyakarta. Want to know what places can be visited and romantic in Yogyakarta with the name of the place:

Sriten brick dam

Yogyakarta tourist attractions show beautiful places and there are beautiful lakes in the highlands. To go to the Batara Sriten reservoir, you have to go to North Baturagung Hill in Gunung Kidul. In the late afternoon or early morning, you can see the beauty of the water that reflects the light.

Songgo sky sukorame rice field

Pine trees
many romantic places//Pine trees

A cool place and also has an all-green color. Walking in the middle of the rice fields by climbing a bamboo bridge looks very romantic. Beautiful tourist attractions can also be photo spots for visitors. It can also be a place for pre-wedding photos.

fir cave beach

Those who like the beach and looking for beautiful scenery can go to the fir cave beach in Bantul. It can be called the fir cave beach because there are so many cypress trees. The shape of a tree that grows close together can look like a cave.

Bhumi Merapi

One of the tourist attractions that can be a romantic place for couples. On vacation and while looking at the scenery in Bhumi Merapi. You can all see the cute houses in Bhumi Merapi. Vacationing at Bhumi Merapi is not only for couples but can also invite children and families. Can introduce animals and also some types of plants available at tourist attractions.


Kulon Progo also has beautiful and beautiful tourist attractions. When you go with your partner, don’t forget to invite them to Kalibiru. Above Kalibiru, you can see many beautiful sunset views and including seeing the Sermo Reservoir above Kalibiru.


Beautiful tourist spot and also beautiful. Enjoy the various types of shapes available at Dahromo. Climb to the top and select the type you want to climb. As if – will rise to the sky to a high layer. Can see the sunset and can also be a photo spot.

Palace sari garden

Become a photo spot that is often visited by many couples. It can be used for pre-wedding and also for regular photos with a partner. The shape of the building that looks classic can attract the attention of visitors. Beautiful and beautiful carving.

Sewu hill

Like the view and want to capture the moment with your partner, you can go to Bukit Lintang Sewu in Yogyakarta. Walking above the peak, several forms of candy can be used as photo material with your partner.

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Romantic Places in the World

Romantic Places in the World

Hey friends, who would refuse if they were invited to go on vacation to a romantic place in the world? Especially if the place is very far from where we are. Maybe some of you really want not to make your idol happy and make him smile sweetly. Many couples are eager to give a surprise and pleasure to their partner.

Looking for a place that can be a beautiful memory while keeping a happy memory. Maybe those who have been to beautiful places will never regret it. But save sweet memories through photo media and also some videos. For couples who are both married and just making love, they can enjoy some beautiful and romantic places.

Romantic places

Viennaclarinetconnection – In the world, there are so many places – places that have a romantic nature that makes many couples feel at home and happy. Maybe couples who want to feel a romantic place can visit the place:
Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is located in France or Paris. This country that has a lot of arts and culture also presents famous tourist attractions. A romantic place that managed to attract many tourists and tourists. People say that if you express your feelings under the Eiffel Tower, you will continue to be eternal and happy.


The Maldives or better known as the Maldives. If you want to feel a romantic place that feels like your own, you can go to the Maldives. An inn that provides some beautiful views leading to the sunset. It can be used as a honeymoon place that is owned by itself on the island.

enjoy the view and feel happy//Maldives


Go to Greece don’t forget to visit Santorini. See the beautiful scenery full of blue sea colors from the Aegean Sea. There are many types of buildings that are unique and beautiful. Every couple who vacations there can enjoy the beautiful scenery and also give a romantic impression.


Flying to America stopped by Syracuse University. Some say that kissing and expressing their feelings on a stone bench at the university will make the couple’s relationship last forever and be happy.

Not only universities Syracuse also has beautiful and romantic places that couples and tourists can visit.


An island that is often praised by many couples both married and dating. Right romantic which has beautiful beaches and can also enjoy some beautiful scenery in Hawaii. One of the romantic Hawaiian places in Kauai. There are waterfalls and green mountains that you can enjoy with your partner.

St. Lucia

Going with a partner who wants to enjoy time together without being disturbed by anyone, you can take a vacation at Ladera in ST. Lucia. Vacationing there will only enjoy the facilities of the place to stay and some beautiful scenery. No need to be afraid of being disturbed by calls and outside news. Enjoy alone time with your partner.

Koh Island

On vacation to Thailand, don’t forget to go on a trip or enjoy some time together on the island of Koh. This beautiful place makes couples want to vacation again on the island of Koh. The tropical and romantic island makes the holiday a happy and enjoyable day.

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Romantic island in Indonesia

Romantic island in Indonesia

For couples who have made a sacred promise to the creator, of course, they want to go on vacation to enjoy time together. Of course, those who are married, want to go on a romantic trip to a place of their choice. Not only for married couples who go on vacation to romantic places. Lots of people want to go to a romantic island in Indonesia that can be visited by couples.

Maybe many think that for a honeymoon you have to go to a faraway place and have an outside theme. But who would have thought if it turns out that in Indonesia there is a romantic island that couples who want to vacation can visit? No need to spend a lot of dollars to be able to go on vacation with your partner.


Viennaclarinetconnection – Many islands have romantic themes and tourist attractions that can be visited. Maybe there are still those who don’t believe that Indonesia has a suitable place for a honeymoon. Not only for married couples who can do a honeymoon. But it can also be for couples celebrating their anniversaries, dates, and so on.

The names of the islands that couples can visit are:

  • Aceh – Sabang Island
    This island, which is located at the westernmost tip of the island of Indonesia, also has a beautiful place for a vacation or honeymoon. A beautiful island with a beautiful view of the beach that makes the eyes and lips can’t stay still. Amazed – amazed at the activities we can do with a partner. Sabang Island – Aceh has several types of beaches that can be visited by many couples. See the beautiful sunrise on the island of Sabang. And has a lot of fun equipment in spas and resorts.
  • Bali
    Who does not know the island of Bali? beautiful island with beautiful scenery too. The island of Bali is often famous for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. The island of the gods can make foreign and local tourists feel at home on vacation enjoying the scenery on the island of Bali. For those of you who are on a honeymoon, you have nothing to lose on vacation on the island of Bali.

The island of Lombok, which is opposite the island of Bali, also provides some unique places for couples who want to have a honeymoon. A place that looks calm and also hasn’t too many visitors can make the heart comfortable and relaxed. Can spend time alone without fear of disturbing others. On the island of Lombok, there is also a place to climb the mountain. For those who like climbing Mount Rinjani, it is a place that can be climbed with beautiful views of the sea.

island for honeymoon//Lombok

Bintan – Riau
An island that has beautiful views and also a classy resort can be enjoyed on this Riau Island. There are many types of scenery that can make visitors hypnotized by the beauty of nature.

Karimun Jawa – Krakal

Those who like to be pampered by their partner and want to look romantic can do romantic things by taking a vacation in Karimun Jawa. There are so many types of food from the sea that we can enjoy for the two of us with our partner. The island, which looks white with sand, makes those who vacation there feel like enjoying the view from heaven. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon more, you can provide a private place by renting in Karimun Jawa.


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