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Romantic Places in the World

Romantic Places in the World

Hey friends, who would refuse if they were invited to go on vacation to a romantic place in the world? Especially if the place is very far from where we are. Maybe some of you really want not to make your idol happy and make him smile sweetly. Many couples are eager to give a surprise and pleasure to their partner.

Looking for a place that can be a beautiful memory while keeping a happy memory. Maybe those who have been to beautiful places will never regret it. But save sweet memories through photo media and also some videos. For couples who are both married and just making love, they can enjoy some beautiful and romantic places.

Romantic places

Viennaclarinetconnection – In the world, there are so many places – places that have a romantic nature that makes many couples feel at home and happy. Maybe couples who want to feel a romantic place can visit the place:
Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is located in France or Paris. This country that has a lot of arts and culture also presents famous tourist attractions. A romantic place that managed to attract many tourists and tourists. People say that if you express your feelings under the Eiffel Tower, you will continue to be eternal and happy.


The Maldives or better known as the Maldives. If you want to feel a romantic place that feels like your own, you can go to the Maldives. An inn that provides some beautiful views leading to the sunset. It can be used as a honeymoon place that is owned by itself on the island.

enjoy the view and feel happy//Maldives


Go to Greece don’t forget to visit Santorini. See the beautiful scenery full of blue sea colors from the Aegean Sea. There are many types of buildings that are unique and beautiful. Every couple who vacations there can enjoy the beautiful scenery and also give a romantic impression.


Flying to America stopped by Syracuse University. Some say that kissing and expressing their feelings on a stone bench at the university will make the couple’s relationship last forever and be happy.

Not only universities Syracuse also has beautiful and romantic places that couples and tourists can visit.


An island that is often praised by many couples both married and dating. Right romantic which has beautiful beaches and can also enjoy some beautiful scenery in Hawaii. One of the romantic Hawaiian places in Kauai. There are waterfalls and green mountains that you can enjoy with your partner.

St. Lucia

Going with a partner who wants to enjoy time together without being disturbed by anyone, you can take a vacation at Ladera in ST. Lucia. Vacationing there will only enjoy the facilities of the place to stay and some beautiful scenery. No need to be afraid of being disturbed by calls and outside news. Enjoy alone time with your partner.

Koh Island

On vacation to Thailand, don’t forget to go on a trip or enjoy some time together on the island of Koh. This beautiful place makes couples want to vacation again on the island of Koh. The tropical and romantic island makes the holiday a happy and enjoyable day.