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Romantic Island in Bali

Romantic Island in Bali

Romantic islands in Bali are not few. There are so many couples who are looking for a beautiful place with unforgettable moments. An island for all couples to Unite and love each other. The beautiful scenery coupled with the roar of the waves makes the atmosphere look romantic.

How not to be fascinated by the couple? Bali has always been a vacation spot that provides an unforgettable atmosphere of happiness. Almost all of the young couples spend the rest of the holiday with their lover on the island of the gods. You can choose not only one place on a vacation in Bali.

There are many places available for couples. The places are:

  • Temukus Village – Viennaclarinetconnection
    If you want to give a beautiful surprise with thousands of flowers, you can stop by Temukus Village. Lots of flowers blooming with beautiful colors. The bright yellow color is like the sun shining on the earth. There are also other beautiful types of flowers that you can find.
  • mixed villa
    Going on vacation and staying at a Bali hotel will certainly get many beautiful and complete facilities. But if you vacation in a Bali villa? Many visitors do not know that in Bali there is also a beautiful villa. There is a view of the beach and also beautiful beautiful sand.
  • Melasti Beach
    Beaches provide a lot of unforgettable natural beauty. Lots of brides and grooms come to this Melasti beach to do pre-wedding photos. To enjoy this beautiful beach, you can come when the sky starts in the afternoon with warm air.
beautiful scenery
go to flower field//beautiful scenery
  • Mende hill
    Go up a little more and prepare a romantic pose with your partner. Mende hill has a beautiful view with the color of the grass so green. Also prepare a camera to capture the beautiful moment on Mende hill. But remember that Mende Hill does not have a straight road like asphalt. Couples have to be careful to get up the hill. And prepare some equipment if you want to do a romantic vacation in Mende Hill.