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Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Marrying a police officer will make you feel different. Members of the police have a way of getting married that is different from people in general. Marrying a police officer will provide a different experience, of course, there are many things that must be prepared regarding the letters Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Letters N1, N2, N4

Each letter can be obtained at the local Kelurahan or RT. The letter is used to get to know the prospective in-laws, job names, parents’ residence, and others. Viennaclarinetconnection

  1. Letter of application for a marriage permit
    For those who are going to get married, a letter of application for marriage permission is required. If there is no preparation in this letter it will be difficult to get married.
  2. Parental Consent Letter
    If you still have parents, you need this requirement, but if you don’t have parents, you can use a guardian.
  3. Personnel officer certificate
    A letter containing the status of the employee whether he is still a girl, a virgin, a widower, or a widow. This will definitely be attached if your partner is a member of the police.

Status Letter

do a health check//together

If your spouse is a widow or widower, you will need a death certificate or divorce certificate.

  1. Letter From Doctor
    from this letter, it will be known whether the one who is going to marry is pregnant or not. Because later there will be a urine test first.
  2. Passport Photo
    Prepare a 4×5 size color photo according to the existing regulations. Photo backgrounds will differ depending on job status. Usually, when taking a photo, there will be a husband and wife, so when you are getting married, one of them will follow the background of the police status.
  3. SKCK
    A Police Record Certificate is not only for applying for a job but for one of the requirements for marriage with a police partner. So those of you who have criminality will be recorded online.