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Long-lasting Marriage Tips

Long-lasting Marriage Tips

Marriage is about 2 people who will become one. Married people will definitely make themselves live a good life. Living a good life is a person who has a tolerance. Long-lasting Marriage Tips

The marriage that must be lived later is not just 1 or 2 years. But you have to make sure you have a relationship that lasts a lifetime. What makes it difficult for couples to live to last is

  1. Communication
    Difficult or infrequent communication will make partners quickly drift apart. People who already understand the character of a partner must be able to accept it. By accepting that any relationship will be lasting. Smooth communication will make the people around you better.

Viennaclarinetconnection – If you are an introvert, keep communicating. Even though the communication you provide is only modest. Even ordinary communication will make the relationship between lovers and husband and wife closer.


people who have an understanding of their partners will certainly last longer. Giving understanding not only during courtship but during the marriage is the most important. Because the relationship during marriage requires a lot of understanding. But the meaning that is meant is to understand the conditions experienced by his partner at that time.

implementing communication systems every day//loyal
  1. Mutual Respect
    mutual respect for decisions and mutual respect for privacy is important. Before getting married, make sure what privacy must be respected and what decisions need to be respected. Never as the head of the household should and really want to be respected.
  2. Mutual acceptance
    Accepting each other’s weaknesses and strengths from each partner is what you are already great at. Because people who want to accept all their weaknesses and strengths without complaining are a blessing. By being able to accept your partner’s weaknesses and strengths, you reflect that you can accept yourself. Because a partner is a reflection of yourself.
  3. Learn to Forgive
    forgiveness is necessary but as a couple also need to learn to change. Don’t just want to be forgiven for the same mistake. Because humans are created by having a brain and mind. If the same mistake is repeated several times, it will be very difficult to forgive it.