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Aromantic but not romantic

Aromantic but not romantic

Aromantic but not romantic makes the heart confused. Almost everyone will be romantic when they meet the partner they love. Every behavior and deed will make you confused and always remember. But what about your partner who is never romantic?

Not romantic does not mean not in love. This of course will make you confused, isn’t it? There are some people who can love to death but can’t be romantic. If you get a partner like this you don’t need to worry anymore. because the aromantic person is the type of person who is very loyal.

compassionate nature

Viennaclarinetconnection – People who have an aromatic attitude always think logically and always look normal. Always think in every action and never think to be ridiculous. This is what sometimes makes couples often misunderstand. Did you know that people who have this aromatic nature have a more affectionate and loving soul?

Many say that aromantics are not interested in the opposite sex. This is actually wrong. Being Indifferent and cold doesn’t mean you don’t have the desire to be in a relationship with the partner you love. A caring and protective attitude are also owned by every couple. Even though they are not romantic, they will still prioritize the people they love.


loyal and responsible//cold

Most couples always show intimate relationships. Starting from hugging, holding hands, or something else. But it’s different from aromantic which is never touched or touched. Getting a lover with such a cold and indifferent nature will certainly make you not want to be together.

But if you know the nature of an aromatic person, of course, you will defend it. It’s not romantic, it’s okay – what’s important is loyal, responsible, and love for a long time. This is sure to make you can not stand to be able to have it. Not only men who are aromatic. There are also women who have aromantic properties, always ignorant and never mind. They will prefer to be loyal to the partner they have chosen.