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Is it true that men are considered more romantic?

Is it true that men are considered more romantic?

Is it true that men are considered more romantic than women? Lots of people who are in pairs want their relationship to last until marriage level. Living old life together until called by the ALMIGHTY. Almost of all couples who are in love, most men are more passionate about tying a relationship.

There are surveys in several countries that on a beautiful day with a partner, men spend more money. Preparing for a special moment with their loved ones is very beautiful. They will also give various types of gifts and banquets to make it look romantic in front of their partner.


There are several experts and some evidence that men are more romantic. Based on observations, it can be seen that men can describe everything about the women they love. Every word and the language spoken is very different from women who are only assessed very quickly and easily. Viennaclarinetconnection

There are several things that can make you believe that men can be more romantic, namely:

It’s easy to fall in love

There is a saying that a man who gets his first love will respond immediately. A love that they think can develop to a closer level. Can respond to all needs quickly and control emotions when together with a partner.


give anything to make the person he loves happy//Spirit

A thought that does not think too complicated. Can convey feelings with the love they feel. So when they want to take it further, men usually don’t think it’s weird about the life they live.

Break up
Men who get love can sometimes make mistakes and fight a lot. From every fight, sometimes the woman always asks to break up with the man. Unlike the men who have loved to death and are not willing to break up with their partners. Better dead than not together.

Have you ever asked your partner who they care more about in life? Most of the men will answer with embarrassment. More to maintain love than family and siblings.