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Reasons harbored feelings

Reasons harbored feelings

Many say that love is blind. For those of you who have fallen in love, anything will be done so that the people you love are happy. some are even willing to be just friends. this is the reason that often makes many men afraid to express their feelings. Maybe you don’t know how much it hurts for men who start to fall in love. There are many reasons to harbor feelings for the people they love. Reasons harbored feelings

To avoid these feelings, men usually start having other conversations to divert their feelings. This is sometimes the woman who starts to like feeling nuts or just a passing breeze. girls don’t get angry and understand the reason first and start trying to understand it.

Here are the reasons you should know:

Some say that men and women can never be friends. This often happens and makes them a happy couple. but there are also those who don’t want to lose their friendship so they prefer to keep their feelings of joy. Most men are uncomfortable when friendships change. Viennaclarinetconnection

Once expressed love then forever give love. A commitment that makes many men always keep their promises and will not betray. Just want to make the people they love always together and don’t want to be apart.


Having sweet and funny friends certainly gives different memories. It’s just that these memories will continue to make an impression if they suddenly miss. It’s no wonder that some men are not ready and forget all the good old days. There are also those who are afraid of being left alone and that can cause a lot of hurt and are afraid to express their feelings.

happy to hear his voice
want to see him happy//happy to hear his voice

Lack of confidence
Having accomplished and beautiful friends makes many men always come close to her. As a friend, of course, you are afraid to damage and make your friend’s good name ugly. Always assume that he is still not commensurate with the people they admire.

Unrequited love
One of the proverbs that is often said for people who fall in love but are not reciprocated. This is what makes men not want to be people who have more feelings. One-sided love is more unrequited.