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Romantic island in Indonesia

Romantic island in Indonesia

For couples who have made a sacred promise to the creator, of course, they want to go on vacation to enjoy time together. Of course, those who are married, want to go on a romantic trip to a place of their choice. Not only for married couples who go on vacation to romantic places. Lots of people want to go to a romantic island in Indonesia that can be visited by couples.

Maybe many think that for a honeymoon you have to go to a faraway place and have an outside theme. But who would have thought if it turns out that in Indonesia there is a romantic island that couples who want to vacation can visit? No need to spend a lot of dollars to be able to go on vacation with your partner.


Viennaclarinetconnection – Many islands have romantic themes and tourist attractions that can be visited. Maybe there are still those who don’t believe that Indonesia has a suitable place for a honeymoon. Not only for married couples who can do a honeymoon. But it can also be for couples celebrating their anniversaries, dates, and so on.

The names of the islands that couples can visit are:

  • Aceh – Sabang Island
    This island, which is located at the westernmost tip of the island of Indonesia, also has a beautiful place for a vacation or honeymoon. A beautiful island with a beautiful view of the beach that makes the eyes and lips can’t stay still. Amazed – amazed at the activities we can do with a partner. Sabang Island – Aceh has several types of beaches that can be visited by many couples. See the beautiful sunrise on the island of Sabang. And has a lot of fun equipment in spas and resorts.
  • Bali
    Who does not know the island of Bali? beautiful island with beautiful scenery too. The island of Bali is often famous for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. The island of the gods can make foreign and local tourists feel at home on vacation enjoying the scenery on the island of Bali. For those of you who are on a honeymoon, you have nothing to lose on vacation on the island of Bali.

The island of Lombok, which is opposite the island of Bali, also provides some unique places for couples who want to have a honeymoon. A place that looks calm and also hasn’t too many visitors can make the heart comfortable and relaxed. Can spend time alone without fear of disturbing others. On the island of Lombok, there is also a place to climb the mountain. For those who like climbing Mount Rinjani, it is a place that can be climbed with beautiful views of the sea.

island for honeymoon//Lombok

Bintan – Riau
An island that has beautiful views and also a classy resort can be enjoyed on this Riau Island. There are many types of scenery that can make visitors hypnotized by the beauty of nature.

Karimun Jawa – Krakal

Those who like to be pampered by their partner and want to look romantic can do romantic things by taking a vacation in Karimun Jawa. There are so many types of food from the sea that we can enjoy for the two of us with our partner. The island, which looks white with sand, makes those who vacation there feel like enjoying the view from heaven. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon more, you can provide a private place by renting in Karimun Jawa.


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