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Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Marrying a police officer will make you feel different. Members of the police have a way of getting married that is different from people in general. Marrying a police officer will provide a different experience, of course, there are many things that must be prepared regarding the letters Requirements to Marry a Policeman

Letters N1, N2, N4

Each letter can be obtained at the local Kelurahan or RT. The letter is used to get to know the prospective in-laws, job names, parents’ residence, and others. Viennaclarinetconnection

  1. Letter of application for a marriage permit
    For those who are going to get married, a letter of application for marriage permission is required. If there is no preparation in this letter it will be difficult to get married.
  2. Parental Consent Letter
    If you still have parents, you need this requirement, but if you don’t have parents, you can use a guardian.
  3. Personnel officer certificate
    A letter containing the status of the employee whether he is still a girl, a virgin, a widower, or a widow. This will definitely be attached if your partner is a member of the police.

Status Letter

do a health check//together

If your spouse is a widow or widower, you will need a death certificate or divorce certificate.

  1. Letter From Doctor
    from this letter, it will be known whether the one who is going to marry is pregnant or not. Because later there will be a urine test first.
  2. Passport Photo
    Prepare a 4×5 size color photo according to the existing regulations. Photo backgrounds will differ depending on job status. Usually, when taking a photo, there will be a husband and wife, so when you are getting married, one of them will follow the background of the police status.
  3. SKCK
    A Police Record Certificate is not only for applying for a job but for one of the requirements for marriage with a police partner. So those of you who have criminality will be recorded online.
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Making Me Time With Your Partner

Making Me Time With Your Partner

Giving time together with yourpartner, of course, will never make you feel strange. Being together in doing whether it’s for work or doing exciting activities is so important in a relationship. Already have a partner, of course, there is something you have to think about. Love will blossom when there is intense interaction. The more you love your partner, the greater your hope will not hurt partner.

If you and your partner are both busy people, then you need to do me time. Quiet time in 1 day or a few days to release the feeling of nostalgia. Here’s how

Search Schedule

Viennaclarinetconnection – You can find the right schedule if you really want to spend time with your partner. Making money is important but no love is of course empty. Finding time to just go shopping or go somewhere you’ve never been together is also very important.

spending time pampering with a partner//together
  1. Homework
    Doing housework is not just a wife’s job. If you feel you don’t have time with your partner, you can do household chores together. Doing housework together will be more fun and of course, work will be easier.
  2. Limit each activity
    when you are at home, limit your activities and your partner’s. You can limit activities at night or at any time that has been agreed upon. Limiting activities does not mean total and authoritarian, but you can do it anytime and at the right time. When limiting your activities, you can spend time together according to existing plans.
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Tips for those of you who are getting married

Tips for those of you who are getting married

At first glance, marriage is very easy to do, but when you have done it the intention will be different. People sometimes get married at random because they are pressed for time. People who are going to get married are not necessarily mentally prepared and everything. For this reason, when you are mentally prepared, you can invite your partner to marry without any doubts. Tips for those of you who are getting married


Viennaclarinetconnection – What is meant by frequency is people who have the same goals and perspectives. If you are a person who likes to joke then you better find a partner who likes to joke. If you are a hard worker then you can find people who like to work. The purpose of looking for a frequency is so that you are not surprised by your partner’s habits and vice versa.

Make sure that before marriage you have prepared money, even though in fact it is the man who has to support his wife. But a wife who has her own income will not become a parasite for her. People who have their own money can of course also be free to buy whatever items are needed.

mutually open and honest//together
  1. Mental
    Being a wife or husband must have a strong mentality. The reason is that after becoming a legal partner, it is no longer personal to think about, but there are other things. What triggers people to separate when married is not ready mentally. People who are mentally ready are people who can put themselves anywhere and can follow the flow of the game.
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Menuju hubungan yang lebih serius

Menuju hubungan yang lebih serius

Menuju hubungan yang lebih serius menjadi hal yang sering di ucapkan kepada banyak pasangan yang sudah menjalin kasih cukup lama. Tidak mungkin selama sisa hidup kalian hanya berpacaran saja dan tidak ingin memiliki moment bersama yang lebih intim lagi. Hampir banyak pasangan yang menjalin kasih lama mulai memikirkan masa depannya.

Untuk kalian yang sudah berpacaran lama tentunya berharap bisa menjalin hubungan yang lebih serius lagi bukan dengan orang yang kalian cintai. Sebuah hubungan yang bisa mengikat kalian sampai maut memisahkan hubungan kalian. Untuk mengetahui hal tersebut biasanya sudah ada beberapa pasangan yang memiliki ciri yang siap untuk lebih serius lagi.

Sifat serious

Pastinya kalian ingin tahu bukan pasangan seperti apa yang benar – benar serius dan mau bersama kalian. Berikut beberapa sikap yang serius yaitu: Viennaclarinetconnection

  • Janji

Bila masih berpacaran biasanya banyak para pasangan yang memberi kata – kata manis membuat kalian luluh. Hal tersebut membuat kalian lupa dengan tujuan kalian berpacaran. Untuk yang lebih serius biasanya akan selalu menempati janji yang sudah mereka ucapkan. Walaupun terkadang janji tersebut harus di batalkan karena sebuah alasan. Meski demikian mereka akan tetap menempati dan memenuhi semua janji yang sudah diucapkan.

kejuatan indah
mencari pasangan untuk masa tua//kejuatan indah
  • Menghargai

Banyak dari para pasangan yang menjalin hubungan hanya bersikap manis dan menurut. Berbeda dengan orang yang serius menjalin hubungan akan menghargai semua hal yang kalian lakukan. bertingkah laku sopan dan tidak mengejek pasangannya.

Pendengar baik

Untuk kalian yang selalu punya masalah pasti akan lebih memilih memendamnya dari pada bercerita dengan pasangan. Hal ini sering terjadi karena pasang kalian lebih sering menjawab semua perkataan kalian. tentu saja moment tersebut jadi tidak enak dan membuat pasangan kalian jadi risih. Untuk kalian yang mau serius cobalah untuk mendengarkan semua keluhan dengan baik. Jadilah pendengar yang baik dan bila mereka membutuhkan jawaban kalian mereka akan bertanya kepada kalian.

  • Perhatian

Dalam menjalin hubungan bukan hanya satu orang saja yang menjalinnya. Di butuhkan dua orang yang bisa membuat kalian berdiri dan kuat menghadapi masalah. Jangan memperhatikan diri sendiri saja. tetapi cobalah untuk mengamati dan memperhatikan pasangan kalian. memberi perhatian kepada pasangan bisa membuat mereka senang dan mau serius dengan kalian.

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Ciri wanita jatuh cinta

Ciri wanita jatuh cinta

Ciri wanita jatuh cinta bisa kalian temukan saat mereka sedang kasmaran. Banyak sekali orang yang jatuh cinta tidak bisa berkata dan hanya bisa diam memandang. Ada pula yang melakukan segala hal agar orang yang mereka cintai Bahagia. Bila mendengar kata cinta tentu banyak orang berpikir kalau wanita hanya bisa bersalah tingkah dan bertingkah seperti orang bodoh.

Ada yang bilang kalau wanita itu susah dimengerti. Mau melakukan apapun selalu serba salah. Tidak semua wanita bersikap demikian. Tahukah kalian kalau wanita yang jatuh cinta terkadang memiliki sifat yang sebenarnya bisa kalian pahami. Tidak terlalu sulit untuk memahaminya kalian hanya cukup mengamati dan mengerti keinginan wanita. Tentunya kalian penasaran bukan dengan sifat wanita yang sedang jatuh cinta. Viennaclarinetconnection

Berikut ciri – ciri yang sedang jatuh cinta yaitu:

  • Tersenyum

Bila kalian bertemu dengan wanita yang biasanya cuek dan tiba – tiba tersenyum manis maka kalian sedang melihat seorang wanita yang sedang jatuh cinta. Sebuah senyuman yang selalu hanya untuk di perlihatkan kepada orang yang mereka cintai.

saling suka
bertingkah aneh//saling suka
  • Curi Pandang

Tanpa kalian sadari saat sedang jatuh cinta akan selalu kepikiran dengan orang yang kalian cintai. Bila tidak melihat wajahnya bisa membuat kalian tidak bisa bernapas dan hidup lagi. Hal yang selalu dilakukan adalah mencuri pandang. Tidak mau lepas dan ingin terus memandangnya lebih lama. Berhasil mencuri pandang bukan berarti berani bertatap muka. Terkadang wanita yang sedang jatuh cinta akan langsung membalikan wajahnya agar tidak terlihat sedang jatuh cinta.

  • Salting

Perilaku yang tadinya biasa saja bisa membuat mereka berubah saat bertemu dengan orang yang mereka cintai. Tidak ingin orang yang di incar tahu dengan sikap kalian yang kaku. Sehingga melakukan Tindakan yang berbeda dari sikapnya. Hampir semua orang yang sedang jatuh cinta selalu bertindak tidak sesuai. Sikap salting yang sering kalian temukan bisa dari cara bicara, selalu bermain rambut, senyum – senyum tidak jelas dan masih banyak lagi.

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Perasaan yang terpendam

Perasaan yang terpendam

Bila mengatakan mengenai perasaan tentu banyak pasangan selalu berharap bisa bersama dengan orang yang mereka cintai. Selalu bersama sampai menutup mata. Memberi perasaan romantic yang mungkin saja membuat kalian tidak bisa berucap apa – apa. Perasaan yang terpendam menjadi hal yang membuat banyak dari Sebagian orang mengatakan kalau orang tersebut tidak romantic.

Sebenarnya romantic bisa kalian lihat bukan dari hal – hal yang indah seperti memberi hadiah kejutan, membuat kagum dan masih banyak lagi. justru orang yang tidak menunjukkan perasaan sebenarnya memiliki perasaan yang halus dan lembut. Ada sebua harapan yang mereka pendam di dalam hati. Viennaclarinetconnection

Kata Terpendam

Tentunya kalian penasaran bukan mengenai apa saja yang telah dipendam lama oleh pasangan kalian. Berikut beberapa kata yang dipendam dalam hati yaitu:

bersama selamanya
makna cinta yang dalam//bersama selamanya
  • Ingin semua usahanya di hargai sekecil apapun itu usahanya
  • Rela melakukan apa saja demi orang yang mereka cintai
  • Menghargai semua cinta dari pasangan yang mereka cintai
  • Mengingat semua moment penting bersama pasangan
  • Memahami dan saling mengerti akan sifat pasangan
  • Selalu menjaga perasaan pasangan di mana pun berada
  • Tidak ingin pasanganya memandang rendah orang yang dicintai
  • Berharap tidak dibandingkan dengan orang lain
  • Berusaha melakukan yang terbaik
  • Saling berkomunikasi dan tidak saling diam
  • Melupakan semua masa lalu yang kelam dan masih banyak lagi

Makna cinta

Tentunya dari ungkapan perasaan tersebut sering kalian pendam tanpa kalian sadari. Tidak semua orang mengatakan hal – hal yang menurut di mata orang di kasihani. Oleh sebab itu kebanyakan orang yang tidak romantic selalu berharap bisa bersama dan Bahagia bersama. Ada sebuah kata yang mengatakan kalau cinta memiliki makna yang banyak.

Hal ini tentu membuat banyak pasangan percaya kalau setiap cinta yang mereka miliki memiliki salah satu makna yang hebat yaitu mencintai sampai tua dan setia dengan pasangan. Mendengar kata tersebut tentu bisa membuat kalian jadi tersentuh dan tidak ingin pisah dengan pasangan kalian.

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Sewa pacar masuk penjara

Sewa pacar masuk penjara

Sewa pacar masuk penjara menjadi salah satu fenomena yang terbaru. Salah satu berita viral yang tidak akan disangka oleh banyak orang. Ingin merasakan bagaimana rasanya memiliki pacar malah masuk ke dalam penjara. Di Taiwan tidak melarang sepasang kekasih bersikap romantic. Hanya saja tetap harus ada batasan dan tidak melewati batas.

Seorang mahasiswa yang tidak mempunyai pasangan bisa melakukan sebuah kontrak dengan perusahaan kencan. Di dalam kontrak tersebut orang yang menyewa tidak boleh melanggar aturan yang telah di tuliskan di dalam kontrak. Masa sewa hanya berjalan selama tiga jam saja tidak boleh lebih. Apabila sang pengontrak melanggar aturan tersebut maka akan mendapatkan sangsi dan hukuman.

Terbawa Suasana

Sungguh tidak menyenangkan bukan hanya berpacaran tiga jam sudah membuat sang pengontrak mengalami masalah dengan polisi. Viennaclarinetconnection Bersikap mesra dengan pasangan kencan tentu saja bisa kalian lakukan sewajarnya tetapi bertindak kurang agar menjadi beda cerita. Tidak semua orang yang melakukan kontrak kencan setuju dengan perbuatan yang tercela tersebut.

Banyak yang berpikir kalau melakukan kontrak kencan bisa merasakan moment indah seperti pasangan pada aslinya. Di kasus yang dialami oleh sang pengontrak pun jadi tidak bisa berkata apa – apa lagi. Akibat sikap kurang ajar dan tidak sopannya pria tersebut sang wanita kencan langsung pergi melapor ke pihak berwajib.

Di sidang dan di tahan

masa indah
masuk penjara melecehkan wanita//masa indah

Dari hasil laporan tersebut mengatakan kalau pihak pengontrak telah melakukan Tindakan senonoh dan telah melanggar kontrak perjanjian. Sehingga polisi segera menangkap pemuda tersebut dan mengamankan di kantor polisi. Agar masalah tidak di perpanjang pihak pengontrak pun menuliskan permintaan maaf kepada wanita tersebut.

Meski demikian hukum tetap harus di tegakkan. Sang pengontrak ditahan karena telah melakukan pelecehan terhadap wanita. Kasus yang terlihat sederhana ini ternyata harus di bawa ke jalur hukum dengan hasil sidang yang mengatakan kalau sang pengontrak di nyatakan bersalah di tahan selama enam bulan dengan denda Sembilan puluh juta. Mendengar keputusan hakim tersebut membuat pria pengontrak tidak terima dan melakukan naik banding. Hanya saja hal tersebut tetap tidak membuatnya menang melainkan kalah telak.

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Is it true that men are considered more romantic?

Is it true that men are considered more romantic?

Is it true that men are considered more romantic than women? Lots of people who are in pairs want their relationship to last until marriage level. Living old life together until called by the ALMIGHTY. Almost of all couples who are in love, most men are more passionate about tying a relationship.

There are surveys in several countries that on a beautiful day with a partner, men spend more money. Preparing for a special moment with their loved ones is very beautiful. They will also give various types of gifts and banquets to make it look romantic in front of their partner.


There are several experts and some evidence that men are more romantic. Based on observations, it can be seen that men can describe everything about the women they love. Every word and the language spoken is very different from women who are only assessed very quickly and easily. Viennaclarinetconnection

There are several things that can make you believe that men can be more romantic, namely:

It’s easy to fall in love

There is a saying that a man who gets his first love will respond immediately. A love that they think can develop to a closer level. Can respond to all needs quickly and control emotions when together with a partner.


give anything to make the person he loves happy//Spirit

A thought that does not think too complicated. Can convey feelings with the love they feel. So when they want to take it further, men usually don’t think it’s weird about the life they live.

Break up
Men who get love can sometimes make mistakes and fight a lot. From every fight, sometimes the woman always asks to break up with the man. Unlike the men who have loved to death and are not willing to break up with their partners. Better dead than not together.

Have you ever asked your partner who they care more about in life? Most of the men will answer with embarrassment. More to maintain love than family and siblings.

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Long-lasting Marriage Tips

Long-lasting Marriage Tips

Marriage is about 2 people who will become one. Married people will definitely make themselves live a good life. Living a good life is a person who has a tolerance. Long-lasting Marriage Tips

The marriage that must be lived later is not just 1 or 2 years. But you have to make sure you have a relationship that lasts a lifetime. What makes it difficult for couples to live to last is

  1. Communication
    Difficult or infrequent communication will make partners quickly drift apart. People who already understand the character of a partner must be able to accept it. By accepting that any relationship will be lasting. Smooth communication will make the people around you better.

Viennaclarinetconnection – If you are an introvert, keep communicating. Even though the communication you provide is only modest. Even ordinary communication will make the relationship between lovers and husband and wife closer.


people who have an understanding of their partners will certainly last longer. Giving understanding not only during courtship but during the marriage is the most important. Because the relationship during marriage requires a lot of understanding. But the meaning that is meant is to understand the conditions experienced by his partner at that time.

implementing communication systems every day//loyal
  1. Mutual Respect
    mutual respect for decisions and mutual respect for privacy is important. Before getting married, make sure what privacy must be respected and what decisions need to be respected. Never as the head of the household should and really want to be respected.
  2. Mutual acceptance
    Accepting each other’s weaknesses and strengths from each partner is what you are already great at. Because people who want to accept all their weaknesses and strengths without complaining are a blessing. By being able to accept your partner’s weaknesses and strengths, you reflect that you can accept yourself. Because a partner is a reflection of yourself.
  3. Learn to Forgive
    forgiveness is necessary but as a couple also need to learn to change. Don’t just want to be forgiven for the same mistake. Because humans are created by having a brain and mind. If the same mistake is repeated several times, it will be very difficult to forgive it.
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Better romantic Or Kind

Better romantic Or Kind

Better romantic or nice are 2 different things. But everyone will ask. Those of you who ask someone to be kind and affectionate certainly have different times. Good andRomantic things must be made according to taste so that we can be truly good selves.

What causes a person to be more affectionate?

Viennaclarinetconnection – Almost everyone will do anything to look romantic in front of their partner. People who are able to give sweet words and cute attitudes. They usually show this to their loved ones. Did you know that a person’s good and harmonious attitude is usually obtained from a harmonious family relationship full of happiness?

Recognize based on character and actions

Nice people can be romantic and can’t be lovey-dovey either. But good people will never choose another attitude even if the person they are making out with is insensitive. Because being a good person is a choice.

can make you happy
good can not necessarily be romantic//can make you happy

Many people don’t know that people who have romantic traits can be the worst and worst people in the world. Easily bored and there is no challenge in a relationship. People who are in love will sometimes show different behavior. Someone will change their attitude and behavior when they feel disappointed or angry.

Sweet attitude and love for loved ones

  • sensitive and sweet attitude
  • Say words of love
  • Physical Touch
  • Praise
  • Prizes